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Call for Papers!

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Friday, April 24, 2015


Aug. 3rd to Aug. 7th, 2015
Boston University, Boston, MA, USA


Papers in any area or discipline are welcome, so long as their themes are of concern to the ideas and concepts of persons, personhood, and personality as a philosophical, theological, psychological, social, political, historical, creative or linguistic concern.

Papers must not exceed a length of 3000 words and should be prepared for anonymous review.

In the e-mail sent with the submission, we require the following eight items:
1. word count -3000 words maximum
2. author’s name
3. academic status (professor, unaffiliated, graduate student)
4. institutional affiliation (if any)
5. mailing address
6. e-mail address
7. the paper s title
8. an abstract -200 words maximum

Submission deadline for abstracts is MAY 25th, 2015. Abstracts will be accepted on that date, with full texts of paper due by July 1.

Submissions which do not include items 2-8 (if only abstract is being submitted) will be disqualified. Word count is due when full paper is submitted. No more than one submission by the same author will be considered.

Email as an attachment a copy of your paper and/or abstract in rich text format to:

Papers and/or abstracts will be reviewed by a committee. Notification of acceptance will be made via email in early June.


Each paper will have a commentator. Those interested in commenting should send a note to PersonsConference2015@gmail.com by May 25th detailing availability and areas of interest. Persons whose papers are accepted will be expected to serve as commentators, if asked.

Copies of papers will be available by July 1st. E-mails of authors will also be available for purposes of sending your commentary in advance of the conference.

For updates and information, visit our website: http://bostonicp2015.com/

Lodging will be at the Boston Common Hotel at the rate of $169 per night (plus tax), which is very affordable by Boston standards and is within easy reach of Boston University. When making reservations, mention the International Conference on Persons to get the conference rate. Space is limited, so it is best to reserve early. http://bostoncommonhotel.com/  617-933-7700, or you can reserve your room through the hotel website by clicking the “BOOK NOW” tab on the hotel’s main page. It will ask for the dates. Please fill in August 3 through 7 (even if you plan to stay longer). It will direct you to a list. Choose the room that fits your needs. The next page will be for advance payment –it is non-refundable. In the “Special Requests” box on that page, fill in that you are attending the International Conference on Persons, and if you need days apart from August 3-7, put that information there. You will be contacted for further adjustment of the reservation.

We have also reserve a block of rooms at Boston University. These are suites of four single rooms (each with one single bed) connected by a common area, with limited kitchen facilities, and available for $67 per person per night. This option will make sense for those who are traveling alone and on a limited budget. If two are traveling together they would have to sleep in separate rooms, share a bathroom, and pay $67 each (i.e., $134 together), and this means the hotel will probably be the more attractive option. But for those traveling alone with a limited budget, the BU apartment style dormitory is the best option. For this option, send an e-mail to the conference e-mail address with the word “accommodations” in the subject line and you will be contacted from there.

For overflow, or for those who want something a little bit snazzier, we recommend The Boxer Hotel. http://theboxerboston.com/. It is located on the Green Line of the Boston T and is a straight and easy ride to Boston University. There is no special conference rate, but the rates are very reasonable by Boston standards (starting at about $216 per night), and they are aware that we are referring people as overflow for the conference.

The Conference will begin with Registration from noon on Mon. August 3rd.  Further details about meals, schedules, and Conference fees will be provided as they become available.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Call for Papers: Journal of Speculative Philosophy Royce Centennial Issue

Call for Papers
Journal of Speculative Philosophy
Special issue on the work of Josiah Royce

The works of Josiah Royce have never enjoyed the same level of attention as those of his peers. Yet, a century after his death, Royce’s unique theories about community, inquiry, and loyalty are enjoying unprecedented attention in the American philosophical community. It seems that these theories have much to offer in an increasingly interconnected global community that’s daily redefining how people relate to one another. However, Royce’s works never envisioned the structures of power and identity at the foundation of contemporary scholarship.

Now, in honor of the centennial anniversary of Royce’s death, the Journal of Speculative Philosophy invites submissions for a special issue dedicated to the theme “Re-Imagining Royce for the Next Century.” Submissions may address how some aspect of Royce’s philosophies relates to, or must be read differently in light of, contemporary theories about race, gender, power, privilege, and oppression. Other topics of interest include how Royce’s work could operate in a global context where issues like climate change, economic development, health epidemics, and the internet provide new opportunities for and barriers to building and expanding communities.

This call for submissions is open to scholars at any stage of their academic career, from graduate students to established scholars. Submissions should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length.

Submissions should be emailed to kbarnette@westminstercollege.edu by January 15, 2016. Please prepare your submission for anonymous review. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Call for Submissions!

The Pluralist Honors the 100th Anniversary of the Death of American Philosopher Josiah Royce

The Josiah Royce Society, in cooperation with The Pluralist, invites submissions for a special 2016 issue of the journal honoring the life and thought of Josiah Royce (1855-1916).

Submissions may address any topic related to Royce but must make substantial use of the work of recent Royce scholars and explore or extend their ideas. As a rule, recent scholars are those who wrote within the past 50 years.

This call for submissions is open to scholars at any stage of their academic career, from graduate students to senior faculty members, and is also open to independent scholars.

Submissions should be no less than 3,000 words in length and not longer than 8,000 words. Please prepare your submission for blind review.

Submissions should be e-mailed to Prof. Michael Brodrick (michael.brodrick@gmail.com) by January 1, 2016.