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Monday, October 26, 2009

Success of the Royce Papers Indexing Project!

Professor Frank Oppenheim and the officers of the Josiah Royce Society are pleased to announce the success of the Royce Papers Indexing Project! Professor Oppenheim and his research team have given us two impressive results. The first is a tentative version of the Harvard Archives “Finding Aid” for the Royce Papers. This early form of the research tool is available online by searching “Harvard Archives.” A finalized version should be accessible in the next few months. The second impressive result from Professor Oppenheim and his team is a Comprehensive Index of Royce’s papers (Boxes 1-155). The Comprehensive Index will be virtually completed by October 28, but we need to obtain legal clearance from Royce’s heirs before it can be published on the Internet.

Professor Oppenheim, his research team, and the Josiah Royce Society extend their deep thanks to the many contributors who generously supported the Royce Papers Indexing Project from its earliest days in 2008 to the crucial final period in 2009 when we struggled to make up our budget shortfall. THANK YOU!

Now that the Indexing Project is complete, we can look forward to enjoying online access to the Comprehensive Index of Royce’s papers. Moreover, we can anticipate the critical edition of Royce’s writings that may grow out of the Index. But we need your help again before we can publish the Index on the Internet. We face a modest shortfall of about $4,000 leftover from the Indexing Project as well as the cost of hiring a lawyer to obtain clearance from Royce’s heirs so the Index can be published online, about $2,000.

We hope you view us as developing a track record of putting your money to good use and of making it go a long way. Less than a decade ago, Royce was all but invisible in academic circles. Now, thanks to your support, we are on the brink of launching a critical edition of Royce’s writings. In January we figured the total cost of the final period of the Indexing Project at $22,000. Professor Oppenheim and his team completed the work for less than $17,000, saving the Royce Society over $5,000. As long as we have your support, we will continue promoting Royce studies vigorously by publishing the Comprehensive Index online and by moving forward with our exciting plans for a critical edition of Royce’s writings. Please help us make up the remaining shortfall from the Indexing Project and obtain legal clearance to publish the Comprehensive Index on the Internet. Your gifts are tax deductible!

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